We’re Going Bi… Monthly That is.

We’re Going Bi… Monthly That is.

Oh God, Why? Cat

Every Two Weeks?… Bummer!

Naw, it’s not a bummer. We just rolled out Episode 50 yesterday and we’ve had quite a good run of weekly publication. We haven’t missed publishing once a week since October of last year. Before we pat ourselves on the back too rigorously we have to admit that we’ve been missing some of our recording dates and therefore have no buffer if we have to delay recording again.
While we enjoy the weekly schedule we’ve decided to spread things out some and will now be publishing a new episode every 2 weeks. Episode 51, Privacy will be unleashed upon the (unsuspecting) public on June 29th. and so forth.

Yeah? So What? Are You Just Gonna (Insert Activity) All Week Instead of Entertaining Me?

No, it doesn’t mean that we’re all taking a vacation. In fact we’ll be working on developing more content than ever before. Incoherent Ramblings started life not only as a podcast but a way for our humble team to take over the Universe! We’re a long way from our lofty goal but we’re going to be putting in more time than ever to create more content across more mediums.

Um, Taking Over the Universe Sounds Bad, Especially if it’s YOU GUYS!

We think you’ll find our rule to be… passable. In the meantime join us every other week for the quality podcast (now with video) and we’ll keep you updated with our expanding ventures. You’ll come to love your new cybernetic enhanced overlords.
Soon the World will be ours, and as you know, The World isn’t Enough!