Random Ramblings

Random RamblingsWhat is a Random Ramblings show?
A Random Ramblings Podcast is a show made up of mini-topics such as, “What are you afraid of?”  An equal amount of topic ideas are typically written down by each panelist on small pieces of paper and put in a container of some sort.  The topics are then drawn out randomly, read aloud, and then discussed for a specific length of time (usually 5 minutes or less).  When available, some topics may be chosen from those submitted by our listeners ON THIS VERY PAGE!  A bell rings to signal the end of the discussion of each particular topic and the beginning of the next.

What are the Rules?
1 – The panelists MUST talk about the topic for the ENTIRE time limit.
(SILENCE!  Will not be tolerated!)
2 – Each panelist has one pass to either skip the topic or stop the discussion at any time.
(You shall not pass!… the bell.)
3 – Once the bell rings, all discussion on the topic MUST stop.
(Flaying of the flesh will be visited on any post-bell discussion.)
4 – The show is over when all topics have been discussed. 
(Or, when someone’s head explodes.)

Can I Submit A Possible Topic For A Future Random Ramblings Show?
Yes, submit below:

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