Pablo Jalapeño

PabloPablo has been friends with his incoherent homies Wannabe and Geek since elementary school. Pablo has been with the podcast since episode 5. After episode 4, the gang realized that their podcast was too intelligent and needed someone to lower the bar…enter Pablo.

Pablo’s vitals:

Married with two boys…well, not married to two boys…married and has two sons.

Job – works in a building that has a lot of books and research happens…

Sign – Cancer

Favorite Smell – Old comic books. Takes him back to the days when he would go with Wannabe to Gary’s comic corner and pick up their favorite books.

Overall, Pablo is a simple geek: Sci-fi, comic books, action figures, etc. Most of his free time is playing with his kids and teaching them the ways of the Force with this vast knowledge of the Star Wars universe. On the days when he isn’t playing video games or searching through the corners of Toys R Us for hidden Star Wars figures, you can catch him at events with the Ghostbusters of Southern California. Yes, Pablo has built his own proton pack and is proud to be part of a group that helps out charities and brings smiles to all.


…From a Hat
-Favorite 80′s TV Show
-The Butterfly Effect
-The Future of Nanotechnology
-Favorite Comic Book Story or Story Arc
…From a Cup
-What Super Power Would You Want?
-Google+ vs. Facebook
-Where Were the Avengers in IronMan 3?
-Drones Over the United States
…From a Del Taco Fiesta Pack
-What Would Happen If Superman’s Pod Had Landed In The Middle East?
-What Crazy Dreams Or Nightmares Have You Had?
-Pretend You Are Yoda Ordering At A Fast Food Restaurant