The Leafy Green

The Leafy GreenLeafy came late to this motley crew, but quickly proved himself just as crazy as the rest of them.  As you can tell from the podcasts he is a Nontheist (not against, just non-belief) saying, “I am most interested in our similarities, not in our differences.”

Leafy is happily married to Linda, who you can hear laughing in the background of most podcasts.  He was a philosophy major, history minor, earning Dean’s Honors, with a splash of engineering design thrown in for good measure.  He is a writer, and author of the forth coming young reader’s series, The Plastic Bathtub Soapdish. Kickstarter Video

Leafy’s hobbies are many and varied, with a strong concentration in reading books, walking/hiking, following new science and technologies, and playing around with music.  He created, along with Geek, the Pig Stink Stomp intro/outro music, playing guitar and bass.  He is inordinately proud of having been in every one of the fifty states.  He is also a supporter of the words serendipity, and faux.

Incoherent Duties:

Leafy finds and makes links to most of the external sites for the highlights, makes graphics for some of the links, as well as some memes for social media postings, adds the tags, occasionally clones the page for the next show, and makes the Video Rubdowns from audio clips of the shows.

Leafy can be found at: Rom’s Rants, Rom’s Daily Wisdom, What is New, What is Cool, and The Plastic Bathtub Soapdish

…From a Hat
-What Would Be In Your Hell?
-Movies You Watch the Most and Why
-Best Scene in Austin Powers Movies
-Hopes for Iron Man 3
-Most Wanted Sci-Fi Technology
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-Best Buddy Films
-Favorite Horror Movies
-What is Your Favorite…Direction?
-What is Your Favorite Spaceship?
-Your Fav Monty Python Sketch or Movie
…From a Tissue Box
-Your Favorite Movie Snacks
-The Worst Smell Ever
-What Smallest Action Changed Your Life The Most
-What Is Your First Memory?
-The Best Breakfast Foods
…From A Flower Pot
-In What Past Decade Do You Best Belong?
-What Tech Will Wannabe & Pablo’s Kids Take For Granted?
-Favorite Female Body Part
-What Image Would Make You Throw-Up While Eating?
-If You Had To Have Sex With Another Man Who Would It Be?
-Favorite Amusement Park Ride And Why
…From a Space X Yogurt Bowl
-What Are The Many Uses Of A Towel?
-Clothes You Used To Think Were Cool
-Bewitched Or I Dream Of Jeannie?
-What Would You Do If You Had F**** You Money?
-First Time You Were Hit In The Nuts
-First R Rated Movie You Saw And Your Age
…From a Del Taco Fiesta Pack
-What World Problem Needs Immediate Attention And What Action?
-What Song Do You Wish You Had Written?
-What Aspect of Nanotechnology Would You Most Want And Why?
-What Is Your Favorite Book And Why?
-What Are The Gases In A Fart?