The Wannabe Host

The Wannabe HostSomehow, The Wannabe Host got the job of hosting the Incoherent Ramblings Podcast.

As host, he should:
-keep the guys from talking over each other
-make sure everyone sticks to the subject matter
-maintain order during the episodes

What he actually does is:
-constantly interrupt the others
-regularly wander off topic
-create chaos with his every word

…in other words, he’s the perfect host for Incoherent Ramblings.

Wannabe met Pablo and Geek in elementary school, and Leafy while working with him at a place called Virtual World. For the past twenty plus years they have collaborated on many projects together including movie productions, business ventures, and the occasional treasure hunt. Despite this, they still continue to hang out with him for some reason, although they rarely accept his authority as podcast host.

Wannabe is happily married to his wife Kim who has recently given birth to their first child Wesley. He is an English major, though you wouldn’t think so by his spelling. He is also a teacher, but prefers we not discuss the details of that, as the materials of this podcast and the tenets of his job probably don’t mesh all that well.

Wannabe’s hobbies include camping, hiking, writing, science, and he considers himself a proud geek of the ‘80s. He is drawn to anything Transformers, G.I. Joe, or Star Wars and continues to collect the toys today. He is also a Joss Whedon fan, most notably for the show with the browncoats, as well as the one with the lab coat. Wannabe likes cheese, long walks on the beach, and jumping up and down aimlessly.

…From a Hat
-Firefly and Will It Return
-Thoughts on Augmented Reality
-Sean Connery on Jeopardy
-Best Ways To Get Away With Murder
-Things You Could Do With An Uncut Pineapple
…From a Cup
-The Success of Google
-Hopes for Star Wars 7
-Getting Caught While Watching Porn
-“That’s What She Said” Jokes
-Count All the Seconds in Three Minutes
…From A Tissue Box
-A Conversation In ABC Order
-Two Brain Hemispheres = Two Separate Personalities?
-A No Holds bar Death Match Between Cereal Mascots
– Thoughts On Treasure Hunting
– If Goofy Is A Dog & Can Talk, What’s Up With Pluto?
…From A Flower Pot
-Best Ideas For Eighties TV Crossovers
-Names For A Baby That Your Wife Would Never Allow?
-Opinions On Windows 8
-Your Opinion On Comic Con?
-Who Would You Like To See On Celebrity Hunger Games?
-Skeletor, Starscream, and Cobra Commander Walk Into A Bar…
…From A Space X Yogurt Bowl
-What are the Best and Worst Kinds of Cheeses?
-Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Eastwood at Applebee’s
-Serious Movie Roles Recast With Keanu Reeves
-Movie Stars You Would Most Want To See Naked
-Will Google Glass Ever Take Off
-Worst TV Incidents Of Jumping The Shark
…From a Del Taco Fiesta Pack
-A Polite Englishman, Angry Scotsman, Confused Indian, And Crazy Japanese Introduce Keynote Speaker Bill Gates
-Discuss The Physics of Time Travel Using Baby Talk
-Name The Best Burgers