Hey, We’re on Like iTunes, y’know?

Hey, We’re on Like iTunes, y’know?

We don’t need no stinkin’ iTunes badge! Other than this one.

That’s right!  Exciting news from the front lines of hard-hitting journalism… is not what you’ll find here.

Instead we’re proud to announce that our weekly humble jumble of opinionated oration is now available through iTunes.  Be sure to rate us in there.  We’ll love ya for it.

Now how much would you pay?  $100?  $50?  Should we pay you?  Too bad!  Our concerted cacophony of comically cynical conjecture is FREE as always.

Just try paying for it!  I dare you!

I double dog dare you!

Tell your friends.  Don’t have friends?  Tell your enemies.  Just tell everybody and let God sort them out.

Incoherent Ramblings Podcast in the iTunes store.

Be prepared for our next episode Logical Fallacies landing this Friday.  Now that we’re official we’re going to keep busting your eardrums every week.  More delivery of delightful debate without the delinquency is our doctrine.

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