Feb. 4th Unplanned Outage, Podcast Unavailable.

Tonight I was informed that our podcast host Archive.org has been down for the past 15 hours. I apologize to everybody attempting to listen to our premiere episode. Troubles with uptime so soon out of the gate is a little alarming and I’ll be looking into the reliability of our host.

In the event you have difficulty obtaining one of our episodes please check Is It Down Right Now? to verify general availability.

Archive.org does amazing work and they provide important free services to the internet. In fact it’s amazing that such selfless enterprises exist on the internet. Some occasional hiccups are to be expected. I’m certain they work very hard with limited resources to do what they do.

Our podcast in turn is offered for free and at this time it would be difficulty to fund premium hosting. Please bear with us as we grow our audience… we’ll do our best to minimize any frustration. Moving forward we’ll keep an eye toward means to pay for extra reliability.

Thank you for hanging in there, we’ll be back soon 😀