The Everyday Geek

The Everyday GeekGeek met Host and Pablo in school early on when people chiseled words into stone tablets and rode dinosaurs though drive-thrus.  He was introduced to Leafy shortly after humanity harnessed steam power.

Primarily the Geek identifies himself as a technology enthusiast. He works as an IT consultant who also happens to produce video and audio media. He was also a part-time teacher of computer courses and has taught film making.

His interests go beyond things with blinking lights and whirring fans. Photography, drumming, pyrotechnics, fast cars, music, food, coffee, web design, hiking, biking, camping, reading, watching movies, video games,  fantasy & sci-fi, comedy, philosophy and skepticism get the Geek’s blood pumping, or at least they get him to drag himself out of bed now and then.

Geek is currently single. He also likes the girls. Did I mention he’s single ladies?

You can find him on Steemit and many other fine web destinations. Check out for The Everyday Geek on Steemit web series as well as links to his other social media and Youtube. A list of almost everything he publishes is at

Incoherent Duties:

Geek engineers the recordings, edits the shows, prepares cover art and site graphics and manages distribution, social media, Steemit and YouTube presence.

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