Field Trip: Ken Robinson Made Appearance at Cal Poly Pomona

Sir Ken Robinson

Regal, funny, knighted.

May 14th Sir Ken Robinson, renowned TED speaker, author and outspoken critic of our education system presented at the CBA Leadership Forum on campus at CSU Pomona. Pablo alerted us to the event and even though he had other obligations last minute The Leafy Green and myself attended the speech.

Robinson immediately broke the ice with his dry wit. Throughout he kept the conversation relaxed, insightful, humorous and opinionated. He took several follow-up questions from the audience making his appearance extend close to 2 hours.

We had a wonderful time and came away informed and intrigued by Robinson’s stance on fostering creativity in youth. Who knows how many talents will be discovered if we take the time to cater to students as individuals instead of assembly-line education?

Perhaps it’s an answer we’ll never know but I hope we’re flexible enough to try.

Video of the entire presentation is online.

See if you can spot Leafy and I in the audience. We appear as 2 white blinding foreheads.

Before the presentation we had a little bit of fun.

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