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Youtube episodes with live video.

The current state of Star Wars is the topic and we’re gonna ramble about it. Welcome to the first official episode of IR Live. Wannabe, Pablo, Geek, Green, Blanco and Ralph war over their personal view where Star Wars is

It’s the length of a disaster movie and 100% disaster! Wannabe Host, Pablo, Blanco Basura and Everyday Geek chime in on National and local 2018 election coverage. Recorded Live on Facebook

Everyday Geek continues to blather about Movie Pass with The Wannabe Host and The Leafy Green! Wanna takes over running the show so anything can happen. Recorded Live on both Facebook and YouTube.

Ralph and Everyday Geek are both annual Movie Pass subscribers. Join them for a correction, some addendums and further commentary. Recorded Live on Facebook.

The crew at Incoherent Ramblings talks about Movie Pass and our new show format. Episode 0.0 in a series. Recorded Live on Facebook.

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7th Time’s the Charm If you can’t get Random Ramblings right the first six times then keep trying. That’s the Incoherent Ramblings way! We’ll pat ourselves on the back and consider this a job well done knowing we’re only kidding

Sloppy Seconds! That’s what everybody has been jokingly calling our part 2 of Sex! Perhaps if we were more imaginative we’d call it More More More! Sex! or perhaps the Second Coming. The show is a little extra NSFW, TMI,

Wat… is this Crap? Alan Alda posed the Flame Challenge to children; explain flame in a manner that an 11 year old would understand. For today’s episode we dust off our 11 year old brains to take on the task

More Than Meets the Eye! We’re again delving into the realm of fiction as we bring back fond memories from childhood. Transformers aren’t just for kids. Optimus says so and we don’t argue with bots that have 10 strength on

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Watching Us Watching You Time to get creeped out by cameras, cameras everywhere! Thankfully we don’t mind if you watch even when the cameras go blurry for no apparent reason. At the end of the day privacy ‘aint really our

Nicely Done! *wink wink Angles and lighting are hitting the G-spot better than ever! We just need to ensure the cameras don’t finish before we’re satisfied. Not too much to say other than we’re basking in the afterglow of video

Nothing’s Perfect… We’re still working on camera angles and lighting. Some of the flares are a bit distracting but it adds to Wannabe’s God complex so it’s not all lost. Pretty far in we lost feed from one camera. Atop

Another First… Incoherent Ramblings is now sporting crisp, clear footage from our 2 camera setup. Enjoy the custom edit we’re dedicated to delivering to you every week. Toward the end we had technical difficulties that stopped the video prematurely. Still

The First… and only of our podcasts to be recorded as a Google Hangout. We didn’t much care for the results so we’ve moved on to better recording practices. However, this kicks off a series of podcasts featuring video of