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3 Minutes to Cybertron: Transformers Card Game

3 minutes to cybertron transformers the card game

Wannabe and Pablo present the Transformers Card Game from Wizards of the Coast in only 3 minutes. Unpacking to see the random loot inside! Streamed live to Youtube. Actually it didn’t stream properly. However it was recorded as if live

3 Minutes to Cybertron: Hot Rod G1 Re-issue Unboxing LIVE!

3 minutes to cybertron title card

This is the premiere episode of Wannabe and Pablo discussing a Transformers topic of great importance in 3 minutes flat! Oops, Everyday Geek gave them 4 minutes by mistake… and they needed the extra time for the unboxing of Hot

What’s In Paul’s Pants The Fourth Play LIVE!

What's in Paul's Pants The Fourth Play

Just like last week we join The Wannabe Host, The Leafy Green, Everyday Geek and Ralph (on the phone) as they deductively deduce the contents of Pablo’s trousers. Originally streamed live to YouTube and Facebook.

What’s In Paul’s Pants The Third Leg LIVE!

What's In Paul's Pants the Third Leg

In studio The Wannabe Host, The Leafy Green, and Everyday Geek are joined by Pablo and are tasked with guessing “What’s in Pablo’s Pants!”. Special guest Ralph on the phone. Originally streamed live to YouTube and Facebook.

IR Reacts to Electric Six High Voltage!

Incoherent React to Electric Six High Voltage

The Wannabe Host, The Leafy Green, Pablo Jalapeño and The Everyday Geek react to High Voltage, a very sexy and disturbing music video from Electric Six.

IR Reacts to The Lonely Island Jack Sparrow Live!

IR Reacts to Lonely Island Jack Sparrow

Everyday Geek, The Leafy Green, The Wannabe Host and Ralph N. react to The Lonely Island’s “Jack Sparrow”. A very funny video live. Caution adult language ahead. Recorded Live on Facebook.

Let’s Explain: The Room and Tommy Wiseau

Title Card for Let's Explain

We explain the enigmatic movie The Room and Producer/Writer/Director Tommy Wiseau. Can this movie really be taken seriously? It’s a treasure trove of memes and unintentional comedy gold. Wannabe Host, The Leafy Green, Pablo Jalapeño and The Everyday Geek run

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Flashdance! Joey’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Joey's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Wannabe feels his inner Jennifer Beals as he puts on this farcical dance number.

Google Cardboard in 9 Easy Steps

The power of Google Cardboard!

Incoherent Ramblings steps into the world of the future as the crew makes their own virtual reality goggles out of a pizza box.

Celebrity Impressions FAIL!

Scheming Kail

The guys at Incoherent Ramblings are challenged to impersonate celebrities…and fail….utterly…