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We’re very excited to announce we’re now on Steemit. @iamrambling Steemit is a social media platform which aims to reward content creators with pay. You’re reading that right. Social media which pays you for creating and curating. Sign up now

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IR Crew Wins Bitcoins & Gravy Contest.

Bitcoins and Gravy podcast

We here at Incoherent Ramblings have been honored to win a contest sponsored by Bitcoins & Gravy. In episodes 59 and 60 of BTC&G host John Barrett has given away one bottle of Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Barbeque sauce

We’re Going Bi… Monthly That is.

Oh God, Why? Cat

Every Two Weeks?… Bummer! Naw, it’s not a bummer. We just rolled out Episode 50 yesterday and we’ve had quite a good run of weekly publication. We haven’t missed publishing once a week since October of last year. Before we

Field Trip: Ken Robinson Made Appearance at Cal Poly Pomona

Sir Ken Robinson

May 14th Sir Ken Robinson, renowned TED speaker, author and outspoken critic of our education system presented at the CBA Leadership Forum on campus at CSU Pomona. Pablo alerted us to the event and even though he had other obligations

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Starting This Week We Now Have Video!

IRP with live video on Youtube.

TLDR: This week we’re posting Episode 47 with some crappy first-run live video. The week(s) after expect some high quality video from your Incoherent Ramblings crew. Watch Episode 047 Browse Videos It pleases me to announce that this weekend’s podcast

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1 Year of Podcasting Celebration Dinner

Outdoor dining at Robin's

Come join Incoherent Ramblings for dinner and drinks to commemorate one year since our premiere podcast. This is a rare opportunity to meet the Podcast panel. Robin’s BBQ is a family restaurant and features dinner options starting at $11.95 Give

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


Hey Ramblers. We had a run for quite a while publishing Friday evenings. The last couple of episodes we let slip to Sunday. So your humble Incoherent Ramblers put their heads together. After the swelling subsided we concluded that Sunday

Special Announcement: Whoopsie on the 23

Hey everybody. Some of you may have noticed that our show page for episode 23 was actually serving up the audio for episode 22. We’ve fixed the link and burned the offending party at the stake. We also cooked s’mores

Hey, We’re on Like iTunes, y’know?

That’s right!  Exciting news from the front lines of hard-hitting journalism… is not what you’ll find here. Instead we’re proud to announce that our weekly humble jumble of opinionated oration is now available through iTunes.  Be sure to rate us

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We’re Behind, My Behind!

OK, it’s been over a week since we published our last podcast.  Editing got behind and well, we’re off track.  We’re taking a week to breathe deep and smell the roses.  Time to get show notes up to date and

Rolling Out the YouTube

New YouTube Videos

We’ve been busy finishing up show notes for the last couple of episodes and we had been at a standstill posting to YouTube. No more! Today Episode 6, the introduction of “foreign correspondent” Booger “Robert” Magallanes and Episode 7 are

“We promise not to make a habit of launching late.” – We’re writing this 200 times on the blackboard

I will not be a dunce.

Hi all, I know you’re looking forward to the Star Wars! episode and so are we.  We’ve hit various delays and have decided to launch the episode this coming Saturday.  This culminated in our podcast taking the week off. Rest

Construction Ahead, Expect Delays

Hi all, I wanted to drop a line that our Star Wars episode will probably suffer about a 24 hour delay so expect it late late late Sunday night. I also have to update some graphics before posting The Singularity

Introducing Paul, and HD on Youtube

Youtube banner with Paul

In this week’s episode you’ll hear the vocalized strings of phonemes that constitute the language known as English emanating from the maw of our latest panel addition, Pablo. He’s another long-time friend of the group and he’s been earning a living as

Come check us out on YouTube

Incoherent Ramblings on Youtube

Have channel, will travel.  Check out the action at It’s another easy… nay, convenient… nay, awesome… nay, astounding way to indulge your synapses in the ramblings of our weekly panel!   Episode 001 – Story Telling Episode 002 – Time

The Pig Stink Stomp with the Intro / Outro

For those of you who like the intro / outro music you can now download it! This is Geek playing the drums and Leafy playing the bass and guitars for the Pig Stink Stomp. If you ever wanted to just

Interactive Show Notes

Hey everybody, This is Leafy. I just wanted to challenge you to try listening to the show while looking at the interactive show notes. It can be a lot of fun. The links are not always serious, and who knows

We’re Back!

Hey everyone, our podcast is back up and running!  Time to sit back, relax, and enter the ramble. Don’t forget to click on the interactive show notes so that you can follow along with all of our incoherence and link

Feb. 4th Unplanned Outage, Podcast Unavailable.

Tonight I was informed that our podcast host has been down for the past 15 hours. I apologize to everybody attempting to listen to our premiere episode. Troubles with uptime so soon out of the gate is a little